What Is a Column Bet in Roulette

Imagine standing at the edge of a roulette table, the spinning wheel a whirlwind of anticipation. In this thrilling game of chance, there’s a bet that allows you to cast your chips onto a specific column, like a conductor leading a symphony.

A column bet in roulette is when you wager on one of the three vertical columns, each filled with twelve numbers. It’s like placing your bet on a group of numbers, covering almost a third of the wheel.

With odds of winning around 32.4% in European roulette and a payout of 2:1, this bet offers an enticing opportunity to cover multiple numbers and increase your chances of a winning spin.

Let’s delve into the world of the column bet and discover its secrets.

How Column Bets Work

Placing a column bet in roulette is a straightforward process that involves selecting a specific column on the betting layout and wagering on the numbers within that column. This type of bet covers a total of 12 numbers, providing players with a quick way to cover a significant portion of the table while reducing their risk.

The beauty of column bets lies in their 2:1 payout, which is modest yet consistent. It’s no wonder that many players favor this bet. Furthermore, column bets can be incorporated into various strategies, such as the Martingale Dozens system, where players cover two column options to encompass 2/3 of the table. With the same odds, payout, and house advantage as dozen bets, players can seamlessly switch between the two to bring more randomness into their gameplay.

Now that we understand how column bets work, let’s delve into some effective column bet strategies.

Column Bet Strategies

Column Bet Strategies

When strategizing column bets in roulette, it’s important to consider the odds, payout, and house advantage. Here are some effective column bet strategies to increase your chances of winning:

  • The 2 Column System: Bet on two out of the three columns to cover more of the table, but receive less payback.
  • The Single Column Evens System: Bet on one column and use a progression strategy to cover losses.
  • The Columns and Dozens Switcher: Switch between betting on columns and dozens to randomize play and maintain identical table coverage, odds, payout, and house advantage.
  • The APM System: Bet on different columns based on previous outcomes, increasing the chances of going into profit.
  • The Column King Roulette System: Set a reasonable budget for a single session and play on all roulette wheels, with single zero wheels preferred for a lower house edge.

Advantages of Column Bets

One of the advantages of column bets in roulette is the ability to cover a significant portion of the table with a single wager. By betting on two out of the three columns, you can effectively cover almost one-third of the table. This reduces your risk and increases your chances of winning.

Additionally, many casinos apply lower table limits to column bets, making them an attractive option for players with smaller bankrolls. While the payout for a column bet is modest, it still offers a decent return on investment.

Moreover, column bets can be strategically used in conjunction with other betting strategies, such as the Martingale Dozens. By placing two column bets, you can easily cover two-thirds of the table, making it easier to implement such strategies.

Disadvantages of Column Bets

While column bets in roulette offer advantages such as covering a significant portion of the table and the ability to implement betting strategies, they also come with some disadvantages. Here are a few drawbacks to consider when making a column bet in roulette:

  • The presence of a zero pocket gives the casino its house edge, affecting the potential profitability of column bets.
  • Strategies such as Martingale Dozens require covering 2/3 of the table, making 2 column bets necessary, but this also means higher risk.
  • Lower table limits are often applied to column bets, potentially limiting potential winnings for those who prefer higher stakes.
  • The payout for column bets is modest, making it more difficult to achieve significant profits compared to bets with higher payouts.
  • Betting on 2 out of 3 columns covers just under a third of the table, reducing risk, but this also means potential winnings are lower compared to bets covering a smaller portion of the table.

Considering these disadvantages can help players make informed decisions when placing column bets in roulette.

Choosing the Right Column Bet Variant

To choose the right-column bet variant, I consider the odds, payout, and house advantage of each option.

When playing online roulette, it’s important to understand the differences between the available column bets.

The odds of winning a column bet are 2:1, meaning that for every $1 bet, you can potentially win $2. However, it’s crucial to also consider the payout and house advantage.

Some online roulette games may offer different payout rates or house advantages for each column bet variant.

It’s advisable to choose a column bet variant that offers a higher payout rate and a lower house advantage, as this increases your chances of winning in the long run.


In conclusion, a column bet in roulette is a popular choice among players due to its ability to cover multiple numbers and reduce risk.

With a 32.4% chance of winning in European roulette and a 2:1 payout, this bet offers a quick and potentially rewarding option for players.

However, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of column bets and choose the right variant to maximize your chances of success.

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